Black Damask Elegance Flat Photo Card


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MINIMUM ORDER: 20 and sold in sets of 5 only (please adjust qty to reflect this)

Size: 5X7, price includes white envelopes.

If your card has a backside photo option as a template ready item (for example, in your album the item number follows with a B), it will be available to choose from when you purchase this card. If you do not see the template you need, please just reach out to us and we can add the card option for you.

  • Place your order here OR feel free to simply place your order via email if you would like us to send you a proof instead of preparing your card in the Corjl preview system.
  • If you place your order on this site, you will have the option to prepare your card by customizing (editing) it on the CORJL website, an online editing system, AFTER you place an order or you can order a proof as an add on item on this site.
  • You will receive a link via email DIRECTLY from Corjl to access your file, this email arrives within a few minutes after placing your order.

Provided at the bottom of the page is a link to DEMO THE CARD now in the Corjl system. (If there is not link, it has not yet been added to the preview system)

We ask that you watch the instructional video in the navigation panel labeled 'How to add photos in Corjl.'

It is usually necessary for people to watch in order to understand how to add a photo correctly, it is not difficult, it just needs to be done correctly, whereas editing the text is fairly self intuitive.

STEPS TO ORDER on this website:

1. Add item to cart. If you want return addresses, a proof, and/or die-cut options, those are added to the cart separately.

2. Complete check out process (add any notes to seller in check out pages).

3. If you plan to personalize your item on the Corjl system, then please wait for the email from Corjl to arrive to your email address (under 10 min).

4. Follow the link to Corjl, you will be asked to set up an account to have access to your card (email/password only). This allows you access to revisit your card until you love it and approve it.

5. Once you are finished editing your card, you will approve for printing. YOU MUST APPROVE *not just save, in order for us to be alerted that your card is ready to print.

6. We retrieve your card, look it over for accuracy, and print and ship your card order to the shipping address indicated in your order.


If we are providing a proof for you, please upload your photos using this site found on the purchase a proof page. Alternatively, you may email your photo, however, to ensure no quality issues we prefer uploading via this site.

Each photo needs to be 6MB or smaller when using the Corjl system, therefore, you may need to resize your photo before adding the photo to your card.

STEPS to re-size your photos if necessary:

  • A free site that offers this service is:
  • Drag or upload photo where asked, click 'continue to edit photo'.
  • Choose NO change for "re-size your photo"
  • Save As: choose JPG, BEST quality
  • JPG max Kilobyte size of 6000
  • Then save your newly resized photo to your computer.