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Rustic Lights Digital Christmas Card Template

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This is a self-editing digital template that you will edit, download, and print at your printer of choice. 

👉 The template is only editable in Corjl.

NO physical cards will be sent to you.


You will receive an email from Corjl within a few minutes of placing your order.

Once you edit the card, you can download the file and have the file printed on your schedule. 🎄
DEMO ⋆ E D I T & S A V E ⋆ N O W
Link to the demo Christmas card here (copy & paste)

♡ You are able to edit and SAVE your changes within demo mode BEFORE you purchase, simply Click on ‘BUY NOW’ when done editing to save your work. Hooray for NO surprises!
⚠️ Merry Christmas is ART, so it is not editable.

✔ Once you click BUY NOW to save, you will be directed automatically to the item page, where you simply add the item to your cart.

✅ We recommend printing at Walgreens, Walmart, FedEx Office (best), etc. OR printing through our printing service. Links are provided further down.

✔ This is a DIGITAL Photo Christmas Double-Sided Card (FINISHED SIZE: 5" x 7"). Some cards come with multiple backside options (see item details within slides.)
✔ This is an editable (within Corjl) digital Christmas card template, that you will edit directly from your browser (no software or fonts to install). Once edited, you will save, download (PDF, JPG, PNG), and print.
⚠️ You will need to create a free account with Corjl to save and access your card.
✔ You will receive an email from Corjl (to your Etsy account email) to access your card within Corjl, typically within 5 minutes of placing your order.
✔ One-time personal use only; edits and multiple downloads are allowed for editing and proofreading purposes only.
✔ Your card file will expire in 90 days.

✘ NO physical card or envelopes will be sent to you.
✘ This is NOT a PSD or PDF template that can be edited in Photoshop or Adobe Reader - CORJL only.
✘ This is NOT a re-usable template. Your template expires in 90 days (contact us if you need that extended.)
✘ Creating multiple versions for different people, projects, or events is not allowed under the terms of this purchase.

A NOTE TO PROFESSIONALS (expecting PSD templates):
❌ This is NOT a PSD or Photoshop PDF template to edit in Photoshop or Adobe.
🛑 It is NOT a re-usable template for designers or photographers.
✅ This template can only be edited in Corjl.

➀ Click on the demo link, edit, and save your template(s) by clicking on the BUY NOW button.
➁ ⚠️You will be directed to create a free account (just your email and password).
➂ You will automatically be re-directed to this item page.
➃ Add the card to your shopping cart and check out.
You will receive an email from Corjl with a link to access your files (sent within minutes to the email associated with your order.)
Make any final edits to the card & envelope printing if ordered (if you have not done so already) to make it your own.
Save + Download (pdf, jpg, png) OR if you chose printing services, we will have your cards printed and shipped to you once you complete your edits and save.

👉 When adding photos in Corjl:
✘ Do NOT click on 'Add New Image.'
✔ DO click on the photo square you want to add a photo to, and then DO click on Replace Image (upper right.) *If editing on mobile, double click the photo square.
✔ You will be prompted to select an image from your computer/phone.
✘ When adjusting photos within Corjl, NEVER drag by the sides to enlarge or decrease the size.
✔ Only grab and drag from the corners of the photo to enlarge or decrease the size.
✔ You will most likely need to drag the photo to be larger than the photo hole.
✔ Move the photo with your mouse into position.
✔ Your photos should be high resolution (if it looks fuzzy on the screen, it will in fact print that way, please be sure you are using a high-res photo).

• It is an online editing website with easy tools designed specifically for Etsy sellers and buyers. NO software or fonts to install, just a simple template editing system. When finished editing, simply save your completed project and download your printable files directly to your computer.
⚠️ You DO have to create an account (no personal information - just an email and a password), this is necessary because this allows you repeated access to your file.
• Don't like this idea? No problem, simply order a proof along with your template.


✅ For Fed Ex Office, download: JPG, PNG or PDF WITH bleed
✅ For Walmart & Walgreens, download: JPG WITHOUT bleed
✅ For Costco, download: JPG WITH bleed


➯ FedEx Office:
➯ Walmart 5X7 custom:
➯ Walgreens 5X7 custom:
➯ Costco Photo 5X7:

⚠️ A word of caution when Walmart or Walgreens:
they often lack color consistency and quality control. Please be extra careful when editing in Corjl to make sure your text is not too close to the edge.
✅ The most reliable is FedEx Office (this is what they specialize in.)

We do NOT recommend for printing:
❌ Vista Print: Do NOT recommend (their "5X7" is not actually a 5X7 and is not compatible with US 5X7)


For non-urgent orders:

✅ ♡ Consider saving yourself the hassle and have us print your cards with the best printing company in the US (and used by most professional stationery designers in the industry.) We do cost a bit more than the companies listed above, but our quality is far superior. Every digital template has a printed version available.

👉 If you have used Canva or Google photos before, they both have a printing service. Upload your design and select to have it printed. Standard shipping is usually free. For Canva we recommend saving the file as a PNG with bleed and then choose PNG on the Canva site as well.

♡ Don't forget to reach out to us with any issues or concerns with creating your template - we are here to help and want you to be happy with your final card. Let us help if you need it. :)

🎄 FAQ & extra information:
It may be helpful to read the details below (some may not pertain to you) before ordering or sending questions. We have outlined every topic or concern you may have (code for long-winded); it is our goal for you to feel comfortable buying a digital card that you will edit through Corjl.
✔ You CAN change, add, or remove ALL personalized text.
✔ You CAN scale and move most artwork unless the art is integrated into the design pattern.
✔ You CAN add photos to any card, front or back.
✔ You CAN change fonts, colors, and size of words.
✘ You can NOT change the size OR the orientation (horizontal/vertical) of the original design.
✘ You can NOT change the colors of the art or background of the design - only personalized text is available for color changes.
✘ Some wording is an art and not a font - In those cases, the art is not editable.
✘ We can see on our side if different names on the card are being saved and downloaded for different projects, and the card will be deleted from Corjl if we see this activity.

👉 Each photo needs to be 10 MB or smaller, therefore, you may need to (although unlikely) resize your photo before uploading. A free site that offers this service is:

• BE SURE to download as a JPEG or a PNG in order to do this (or both).
• NO trim marks, NO bleed. Very important.

⚠️ NO RETURNS - BUT, we are here to help and want to make sure you are happy with your final download and will do everything we can to be sure this is the case.
⚠️ Due to the nature of personalized and digital items, all purchases are non-refundable.
⚠️ NO cancellations once the Corjl file has been accessed.
⚠️ Please be aware that we cannot help with finding a printing service - the card will be 300 dpi, and is expected to print very well with any printer who is not altering the file. Please only choose this option (to print on your own) if you are 100% comfortable with managing having the cards printed.
⚠️ We are not responsible for printing issues with your printer of choice. This is a high-resolution print file of 300 DPI. Be sure to ask printer, if you are unsure, if they need with or without bleed.

• This is VERY important, as take note! designs is an established and copyright protected company.
• All designs are © take note! designs and © take note paper co.
• You agree by using this template that the images you use have been released to print by your photographer.

👉 A note to fellow designers: It would be an honor for you to be inspired by my designs - but please, please, don't steal ideas and designs. This has become an increasing problem for designers - where designer "newbies" think it's okay to copy designs and sell them on Etsy. But, it isn't. Please don't steal, karma is real. (well, not really, but still... ) ♡, Sara

✅ ALL Items are for 🔹ONE-PROJECT🔹personal, non-commercial use only.
❌ This is NOT a re-usable template.
✅ They can ONLY be used by you in a personal capacity.
❌ Do NOT sell, share or distribute the files in any capacity.
❌ The file can NOT be used in any capacity as a re-sale product.
❌ Photographers do NOT have permission to purchase and re-sell the final product.
👉 You alone are responsible for the printing of your cards in the method you choose to print.
❌ We are not responsible for printing errors when we are not printing your cards.

If you have questions about your purchase, please send me a message.

By purchasing any take note designs co. listing through Etsy, you agree to all the terms and conditions that we have outlined here.