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All text can be customized with different fonts and colors but will be laid out in this style and with shown art.

What you would change on this envelope would be your return address and any layout (size or spacing of text), fonts, or color changes. The recipient address is only there for formatting on the Corjl site when you are customizing. WE USE THIS LAYOUT as the format for your addresses. 

CHOOSE on the drop down whether you want the returns printed on the front for the best price, or the back flap, for an additional fee per envelope. 

We will import your excel while retaining this format. 

PLEASE double check your excel that all the addresses are correct, as there is no proofing of the address list.

If selecting this option you must also purchase recipient address printing, which is a one time set up fee.


You can upload your excel on the Recipient address fee page.

Link below to see how the personalization would work in Corjl.