Dealer Resources


Dealers can reach us via chat online, email, or by phone. Our preferred method of contact is email or chat (or text me via my phone number). This isn't because we don't want to talk to you "in person" (we do!), it is just not the method that works most effectively for running my business. This is just the way I have chosen to operate for the last 17 years - and it has worked out really well - for my business and my family life. 

Most of my dealers are women (yeah girl bosses!) and have a family, choosing this line of work because it allowed for flexibility in work hours, so that their job did not take them away from their family from 9-5 everyday. I TOO, started this business 17 years ago for this same reason. It is for this reason that I simply do not operate on a 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule, nor do I require the people that work for me to. However, the upside to this is that we are available at off times and on times. We work days and nights and weekends - just stretched out throughout the day. Feel free to TEXT ME - this is no problem for me at all, I love communicating via text, after all I have 4 children. :)

If this does not work for you, that is certainly fine, there is no requirement to continue to sell my line of cards, and we wish you all the best. But rest assured, if you need to talk to us on the phone, we are here. Just leave us a detailed message and we will get back with you as soon as we can. 

During the holiday season we will promptly answer your calls, texts, chats, and emails, for all of those last minute order questions. We are here for you nearly 24/7 from November-December. :)

email: takenotepaperco"at"

phone: 208.301.2744

take note will begin the formal relationship with dealers by February 14th. Until then, please feel free to continue to order with Printswell. Please be aware ALL prices have changed.

CLICK here to download the new price sheet and ordering guidelines pdf for your albums.

However, in order to continue selling any take note product, you MUST fill out the dealer form and email it to us PRIOR to placing a take note order.

Click here to download the digital signature version of our dealer form. Must be opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro for the digital signature option.

Click here to download the standard version of our dealer form.

BOTH are able to be filled in with Adobe Reader and saved. 


Why are dealer orders now being sent directly to take note? 

First of all, rest assured that Printswell is still our PRINTER of choice. So expect the same print quality and attention to detail. Next, we managed and ran our own line for almost 10 years before having Printswell take over daily operations for our dealers. In fact, if you are a legacy dealer, then we have already met. :) Our current business is multi-faceted and Printswell ran only a small portion of our business. Taking back the reigns is the only way we could have full control over our product offerings, terms, timing, etc - all of which are necessary in this very competitive industry.

But honestly, mostly I felt it was important to keep the relationship between me (the owner and operator) of take note and the dealers more personal and direct. Although we need to have a set of "rules," I am always open to hear what the situation is and make decisions on a case by case basis.

Will this change increase lead time?

Absolutely NOT! Your order will ship within 2-3 business days after you have approved your file to print - in no way will the lead time increase, if anything, things will speed up because we work extended hours. By that I mean that we can send a print ready file to the printers in the same evening you approve it, so that the next day the order is ready for the printers to process. As soon as you approve your file, rest assured it is being checked for accuracy and being submitted for printing within a few hours. This lead time increases during the holiday, as to be expected.

    What about new products?

    Oh yes! We will have lots (not just cards - stay tuned!), plus a full wedding suite - including wedding signs!! It's going to be a fantastic 2020. Plus a completely updated card line now that we have full control over content.

      What is the purpose of this website?

      • This website is primarily for dealers to place orders. If you are a dealer, you can place an order here directly and pay later.
      • You CAN send your order via email, but you will be charged with a proof fee. The only way to avoid the fee, is for you to set it up (edit the card) within the Corjl website (where all of our templates are stored) - which means, placing the order through this storefront.

      How does the payment situation work when placing orders on this site?

      • You create the order officially by placing the order here, but when it comes to selecting payment method, just select 'dealer' and it will not require payment. You will see the order total reflects RETAIL pricing. Rest assured, your standard dealer pricing will apply to your official invoice.

      How will you pay? 

      • You will be responsible to pay the invoices. We will NOT be holding your credit card numbers and billing automatically at the beginning of each month for prior month orders. INSTEAD, we will submit adjusted dealer invoices to you via email within a day or two of your approved card file. You will be responsible to pay the invoices ELECTRONICALLY. We have chosen this route because we feel strongly that we do not want to be holding your credit card numbers in house. 

      What about multiple orders being invoiced together?

      • YES! When you happen to have several orders that are approved to print within the same timeframe, we generally will combine multiple invoices together and send you one invoice to pay.

      When is the invoice due? 

          • Although you do not need to pay when checking out, you will need to pay outstanding invoices within 7 days of your order shipping or within 10 days of receiving the invoice, whichever comes first. We will only be providing these short terms to our dealers. Essentially when you collect the order funds from your client, you have collected your portion, our portion, and the printer's portion. We simply need reimbursed. Personalized items cannot be cancelled or returned once they have been sent to the printers and because we only invoice you for orders that have been sent to the printers, you alone are responsible for payment in full for the order. Errors are of course corrected, but personalized orders are not refundable. You may choose to collect the order funds from your client whenever and however works best for you, however, paying your invoice in full within a maximum of 10 days is required.  During the holidays, we will not allow more than 5 orders to accrue without first paying your old invoices, even if it has been less than 10 days since receiving your invoice.

          WHY does the order reflect retail pricing online?

            • We had multiple dealers requesting that the initial order creation be retail based, so that the client can be invoiced based on that. This is especially important when dealers are placing orders online with their clients present, which is the case for many album holder dealers.


              • Even though you are already a dealer for the take note line (established with us years ago or with Printswell), you must fill out a dealer form BEFORE placing an order on our website for the first time.  Your CONTACT email provided on the dealer form must be the same email you use when placing the order on our store front. The store does allow you to create an account once you place your first order, but it is up to you on if you would like to create one.
              Interested in becoming a take note dealer?
              • If you are wanting to BECOME a new dealer, you must submit this request via email and it must be approved, prior to placing an order on the storefront.

              EXCEPTION to these payment terms:

              • The only exception to this rule for payment is for high volume dealers or chain brick and mortar stores, that have a long history of timely payments. For those situations we allow a longer set of terms and multiple options for payments. Please contact us for details.

                👉Alternatively, dealers can pay for the order at the time you place it on this store-front. We would then provide you with your commission within 7 days of shipping.

                What methods of payment do you accept?
                We do NOT accept paper checks. We only accept payments electronically. The invoice you receive will have several ways to pay, including: apple pay, amazon pay, and paypal. All of these allow you to use your credit card or a debit card attached to your checking and in some cases an e-check. There are no exceptions to this policy.
                *If you are set up to use e-checks with your bank, and want to send them directly from your bank to ours, then please contact us.

                Online dealers?

                • If you are a current online dealer (with our products on your own website, where the sale in made on YOUR website, not the Printswell version of your site), then please contact us right away about continuing the relationship and what that entails. We will only be continuing online dealers with web images on a case by case basis.

                FAX ORDERS:

                • We will not accept old-style traditional faxes. We will accept what is known as "e-faxes." The reason for this is that we need to be able to copy and paste text out of the fax to avoid costly errors. The fax needs to be able to arrive to us via email. We do not support a traditional fax number. Therefore, in no way will we accept a hand-written order or provide a fax phone number. 

                  Now, how to place an order.

                  *Please note, if you are a current online dealer that sends completed print files with order details, then please contact us about the way you prefer to submit orders and card files. We will work with whatever method is best for you.

                  • Place your order on this store-front, or, if you prefer, order the item via email (proof fee will incur).
                  • Much like when ordering online on, you will set up (edit) your own card file and approve it. Unlike Printswell, this happens AFTER you place the order. 
                  • You can purchase a proof if you prefer while still ordering your card through the storefront.
                  • What do you mean I edit the card after I buy it?

                  Card editing will take place on the CORJL website. All of our templates will eventually be stored on the Corjl website. You will receive a link DIRECTLY from Corjl shortly after placing your order with a link to your card file. This is an automated system. Please be on the lookout for the email from Corjl (check spam).

                  What about playing around with cards before deciding which one to buy? YES!

                  Every card will eventually have a DEMO link found in the description of the item on the item page, which means you can play around with any card directly within the Corjl preview system, trying out fonts and wording (with or without your client), with no risk or cost to you. EDITS IN DEMO MODE ARE NOT SAVED.
                    Once you narrow it down and know which card you want, simply place the card in your shopping cart (and remember to add the add-ons separately) and check out.
                        • Add ons include: return address printing, recipient address printing, die-cuts, rush, proofs, paper type upgrade, and envelope flap style upgrades.

                      How to place an order for an item not listed or an item without a demo link (which means the item is not in the editing system yet)?

                      • For items not on the website, you can choose the Generic Ordering template (found in navigation). This allows you to select the card type/size (example: 5X7 photo card/Q2) and then tell us the item number in notes to seller. You will receive a custom FREE proof. 
                      • If you prefer, you can simply order the item via email.
                      • If your card is online, but does not have a demo link, it means it has not been added to the editing system. In that case, please go ahead and order the item and simply provide us with the text and the photos so that we can provide a free proof.


                      • Prices. We have one price per card type now, with a simple 10% discount on quantities over 100 for most cards. This does not apply to foil pressed cards, labels, or return address printing. 
                        See top of page, there is a pdf price sheet available to download. Please throw out the old price sheet in your albums as soon as you have your new price sheet printed. ANY ORDERS PLACED with us will be invoiced based on the NEW and updated price sheets, no exceptions.
                          • Minimum of 20 cards for most items, sold in sets of 5. If you order an odd number (ex. 33) we will automatically correct it to be in sets of 5, so for this example, we would adjust the invoice to be 35.
                          • Any order for less than 20 will automatically be increased to be 20 cards. 
                          • We have changed the default paper type of our cards (to a higher quality card stock). New paper type: Eggshell 120# Ultra White. You can also order any card in off white (a natural light cream), with matching envelopes (officially called 120# Eggshell in White).
                          • Foil cards in albums MUST be ordered via email. Pricing for foil pressed cards has increased, the new price sheet will reflect this change.
                          • Dealer discounts will NOT apply to any and all fees, that includes custom die fee. 
                          • Dealer discounts will NOT apply to Euro-flap up-charge. This is essential as the price point would become to high for the client, and we want to be sure that the client is able to use these beautiful style envelopes. 
                          • We will be discontinuing the square gift tags with string found in your Holiday Album. Please remove this page from your Holiday album.
                              • We offer recipient address printing for a fee and have some beautiful envelope designs (with more coming).

                              Upgrades and Add ons:
                              • You can upgrade to use Euro flap envelopes instead of the standard square flap. Found under Add ons in navigation.
                              • You can upgrade to use 118# cotton paper (not a heavier paper, just a higher quality paper) or ultra heavy card stock (think coasters). These upgrades are found under 'Add ons'.
                              • If you want a die-cut, it is added separately to your cart. Found under add ons.
                              • Address imprinting (all styles and types) can be found in the Navigation menu. Please add this to your cart separately of the card.